Mudlogging and Drilling Fluids

We are the exclusive agent to Diamoco Group in Sudan.
DIAMOCO Group controls SAGEMINES (Drilling & Fluids Engineering) and GEO-RS (Mud Logging & Reservoir Engineering) companies specialized in Oil & Gas Worldwide Services since 1994.

GEO-RS is specialized in Mud Logging and Reservoir Engineering and was involved in many discoveries in The Paris Basin, France. GEO-RS is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has five latest generation Mud Logging Units, all of them in-house designed and built with their own software. GEO-RS provides Mud Logging Services in France. It has been controlling about 90 to 100% of French Market since 1994. It also sells Equipment in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Mudlogging and Drilling Fluids
SAGEMINES provides Drilling Fluids such as:
• Water Base Mud
• Oil Base Mud
• Mineral Oil Base Mud
• Drillin’ Fluid (ISODRILL™, Sized Carbonates System)
• Sodic or Calcic saturated salt brine Mud
• Complex Brine Mud
• Inhibited Mud with PHPA and/or MMH
• Completion Fluids
• Specifics Fluids
• Special Plugs, isolating and/or LCM solutions (CRISTAX™ Solution, Cross Link Polymer Plug XS-20™)
• Hydraulics binders