Valves Services

We are one of the leading valves services and maintenance in Sudan

1. Valves Supplying:

Creative Petroleum Services supplies a complete range of valves such as, Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Butterfly, Stop Check, Swing check, Wafer Check, Dual Plate Check, Parallel Slide etc.

We are an agent for international valves suppliers and working in partnership with other valve manufacturers have an established stock holding, ensuring timely stock availability and replacement. Manufacturer ‘back-up’ stock and technical support for complete items and component parts which are also a key element to the success of the supply and technical process.



2. Valve repair and testing:

Creative Petroleum Services offers valve repair services in a variety of different onshore and offshore plants – oil and gas exploration, pipelines and storage units for oil and gas treatment plants, power generation plants and refineries.

We have highly skilled and professional valve repair team to carry out inspections and testing of pressure safety valves.

Creative Petroleum Services have really effective working relations with most of the original equipment manufacturers of valves and associated products and we offer many services