Pipeline Services

We are the exclusive agent to Rosen Group in Sudan


1. Cleaning

Creative Petroleum Services (CPS) provides pipeline pigs and a full range of products and services to assist pipeline cleaning, pipeline protection and flow assurance in the Oil, Gas and other process industries.

Standard Products

• Pigging and flow assurance products
• Foam, Metal Bodied (Mandrel) and
• Solid Polyurethane Pigs
• Spheres
• Pig Signallers (intrusive & non-intrusive)
• Pig Tracking Systems
• Pipeline Profiling Tools
• Closures
• Flange & Joint Testers

Standard product

Pressure Vessels

• Design and fabrication of launchers/receivers,
• Pigable tees and pressure vessel systems
• Launchers/Receivers
• Diverters
• Barred and Sphere Tees
• Pressure Reducing Skids
• Inlet Manifolds
• Test Loops
• Trolleys

2. Inspection

In Line Inspection

We offer a complete range of services for high-resolution and quality defect identification utilizing Geometry, MFL, UT, EMAT, EC and AE technology.
Plant & Facility Inspection

Plant and Terminal Inspection

We operate a full range of plant & terminal inspection services with top quality equipment. Our highly trained employees are certified in NDT methods and standards.

Robotic Inspection

Robotic inspection tools provide intelligent inspection systems used in determining the integrity of unpiggable pipelines
Hydrostatic Testing and Commissioning

3. Repair


Creative Petroleum Services (CPS) provides a comprehensive and specialised range of pipeline services, designed to fulfil a whole raft of requirements. Whether the task is large or small, we take pride in providing the highest standard of professional advice to our customers.
1. Our range of capabilities includes:
2. Hot Taps, Specialist Connections
3. Intervention, Flow Stopping
4. Replacement, Rehabilitation
5. Corrosion Inspection & Repair Solutions
6. HDPE, MDPE & Steel Pipe Works
7. Pipeline Damage Response